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Imagine never having to worry about what to do at the gym again so you can finally lose that unwanted body fat and gain energy!
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Going to The Gym can be Overwhelming.

If you don't have a plan...

  1. Results seem like a mountain to climb

  2. You waste time wondering what to do

  3. You don't see results and finally give up

And that leads to a decrease in motivation and not achieving your ultimate goal. But we want you to achieve your goal. Already FitZone has helped hundreds of people find a gym that is supportive, comfortable and offer an easy system to follow to guarantee their results. Our plan can work for you too.

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About us

Here at FitZone 24/7, our mission is to help people dominate life through structured coaching, guidance and accountability.

FitZone 24/7 is Tasmania owned and operated. We are a premium, functional strength and conditioning gym.

We deliver daily exercise programming and individually tailored programs. All our memberships have no lock in contract and no joining fee.

Common Questions:

Not to worry, you are assigned to your own personal coach who is going to start you with a program matched to your level. Plus the goal of FitZone is to offer a comfortable space and a personal experience
Yes you will access to our ‘coaching hours’. Our coaching hours allows you to turn up and have access to a coach who will deliver support and technique advice. We will also have exercise display screens showing you exactly what to do.
Yes our coaching service comes with nutrition.
Our coaching hours make it super convenient, no class times, simply just turn up when suits you and start your session. You will also get access 24/7 to follow the workout that will be already set up for you and the screens will guide your session.

Functional 24/7 Programs:

Workout in your own time

Build Muscle

  • Ideal if you want to build muscle and gain strength
  • Workouts focused on building muscle and strength
  • 24/7 Gym Access
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Fat Loss

  • Ideal if you are looking to get fit
  • Ideal to shred body fat
  • Workouts focused on weight loss
  • 24/7 Gym Access
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Group Fitness +
24/7 access:

Whatever your goal, we have a class for you. Driven by motivating, friendly coaches and surrounded by like-minded people, reaching your goals becomes fun and exciting. We have 6 classes a day so you will never miss out!

Group Sessions

Personal Training

We start with a thorough assessment of your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and health. Our qualified and experienced personal trainers are passionate, friendly and dedicated to helping you hit your goals. Having the commitment and attention of your own personal coach will ensure that each session takes you closer to your specific goals.

Personal Training - Coming Soon

Our Classes:

Rumble Zone


A boxing infused calorie burner

Sweat Zone

Cardio Strength

50% Strength 50% Cardio

Hustle Zone


75% Strength 25% Cardio

The Facility

The Strength Zone

  • Functional strength training

  • Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, specialty strength equipment

  • Programmed strength training

The HIIT Zone

  • Functional cardio equipment (machines, free weights, sleds etc.)

  • Programmed cardio workouts

The Chill Out Zone

  • Couches, tables

  • Coffee

Premium Bathrooms

  • 3 spacious and private bathrooms

  • Each bathroom has a shower, toilet, change area and sink


8 Pear Avenue,
Derwent Park,
Tasmania 7009

0417 796 655

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